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Melbourne 2015- keynote on Culture and Place

Andrew Dixon was a keynote speaker at ‘ Great Places’ – the  Australian  National Planning  Congress in Melbourne in May 2015. Speaking on culture and places he  talked about the turnaround of NewcastleGateshead as a cultural destination, the bid for Hull to be UK City of Culture and the way that culture can help create identity, pride and prosperity for towns and cities. http://www.planning.org.au/whatson/national-congress


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It was never in doubt that ‘great places’ are core to planners’ raison d’etre, but hearing from the people responsible for some of the world’s greatest places was inspirational. Engaging and passionate presentations included New York’s Mitchell Silver and the UK’s Andrew Dixon. Both brought enlightening international perspectives for what planning can bring to places, through more than just land use decisions and development control. Andrew and Mitch both focused on how cultural influence and meaningful engagement were vital tools in a planner’s place-making armoury.

Also spoke at

* Melbourne Arts Centre – City Forum

* Planning Exchange podcast – http://www.planningxchange.org

* ABC radio

* John Faine – conversation hour
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Tour by city design chief Rob Adams
Tour by city design chief Rob Adams